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How to Take Advantage of an Empty Office


It’s Q4, baby!

That means the bar is real low for most engineering teams. People are on vacation, holiday breaks are coming up, and your offices (or Slack channels) are pretty silent. 🤐

If you’re on vacation, why are you reading this?? REST!

If you decided to work this week, here are some things that you could work on that you normally don’t have time for:

  • Optimizing noisy alerts/dashboards for your team

  • Writing some 1-page documents on how to improve a feature for customers

  • Write public kudos to your teammates via Lattice

  • Cleanup unnecessary and expensive logging

  • Ask your Customer Experience (CE) team if there’s any tools you can make for them

  • Take some time to work on your performance document (plug for Thinksy💡)

Take advantage of the fact that the bar is low this week and get some impactful work done for your team. If you have any ideas to add, please share!

Talk to y’all next Monday 👋🏾