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How to Split Your Time


I won’t lie, the few years between senior and staff were tough for me.

I had senior level responsibilities (executing projects) but weirdly also staff level responsibilities.

Most companies require you are already showing staff level skills before your promotion gets approved, so how do you do both?

What worked for me was directly asking my manager to split my responsibilities. Ask your manager if next quarter you can split your senior and staff level responsibilities 80/20. That means you can dedicate one day of the week for staff level work.

That could be things like:

  • Collecting data about some hunches you have on the team
  • Writing up small proposals on things you think the team should work on
  • Reviewing team PRs or design docs in your pillar

Many people think that you’ll have to destroy your work life balance to get promoted, but it’s not the case! It’s likely your manager wants you to succeed and grow. Try asking for the space to do so and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Have a great week, squad ❤️‍🔥

Eden xx

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